About Us

A new era of news delivery that connects with the environment and the ideals of collaboration is being fostered by Daily News Updates Reports in a world where media frequently caves in to the constraints of established models. We dare to imagine a media environment free from the influence of corporate interests, family ownership, or advertising pressures, where journalists, readers, and concerned people work together to determine the narrative.

Imagine a world where editorial choices are solely influenced by journalistic ethics and knowledge. Concerns about the whims of business owners, bureaucrats, politicians, or advertising lose their importance in this context, if not become irrelevant. In a democratic society, this expectation is important and goes beyond mere aspiration. However, editorial independence is frequently restricted by the dominant financial structures in the majority of Indian news organizations. This sad tendency has resulted in lower journalistic standards, shady reporting techniques, and a general fall in media caliber.

Unfortunately, a lot of media organizations have changed their focus away from thorough news gathering, leaving newsrooms in disorder. The credibility of the media has been further eroded by the growth of secondary business interests and restricted coverage areas. Readers have naturally become discouraged as a result of the deterioration of journalistic ethics and the decline in news quality. They feel cheated, and with good reason.

Now let’s talk about our foundation tenet, The Daily News Updates Reports. We are adamant that for journalism to thrive, it needs to be financially and editorially independent. Contributors who respect good journalism and are dedicated to fostering a space for it have helped us achieve our goals.


Sachin dhiman

Founder, Daily News Updates Reports